February 11, 2007

No, this blog is not dead!

Dear Reader,
I thought it might be beneficial to share with you my thoughts on blogging. Obviously, you may have guessed by now that my purpose in blogging here is not to hang a new post up every other day. In fact, some of you have wondered if I really have intentions of blogging at all. :P (No, this blog is not dead, nor have I gone elsewhere!)

When I first came on the idea of an inspirational blog a few years ago, I was enthralled with the idea. I imagined it would be extremely 'cool' and fascinating to actually keep up such a project. I admit, I'm sure I had visions of posting everyday, having over 60 hits a day, and being linked to all over the 'net.

Yes. My ideas in blogging have changed since then.

Always having frequent posts here at Pursuing the Mystery is not my goal. Shocking, isn't it?

I hope you know the purpose of Pursuing the Mystery-- that those who read it and we who author it, may be drawn closer to our Christ by it. Personally, I really don't think this mission will be accomplished if all we do is add another blog for you to constantly keep up with. (And all I do is worry about trying to post something for you to keep up with!) The last month in my life I have really been convicted about some things (often considered 'good things' even so!) that I was doing which not only took away time, energy and focus from my life on Christ, but was also taking away the likewise from my fellow Christians. As I work on eradicating such things, I don't want blogging to become just another such thing. May we (you and me both!) never --ever-- let this blog or any another blog come between us and our personal time alone with God and his Word. (And yes, this is the paragraph for parenthesis!)

You must know I want to use Pursuing the Mystery as a tool to share from my heart. I decided a while ago that I'm not going to just scramble up something to write, just for the sake of posting. Here, I desire to be real--even if I only post once a month. There you have it. It is my desire to be a blessing to my readers with posts, but I do not want to share words with you that are meaningless. That would be a waste of words and a tragedy at that!

The 'problem' with this is that I often find it isn't easy for me to transfer my heart full of real thoughts into real coherent words. Sometimes it takes me hours of typing at the keyboard before I am satisfied with the result of a single paragraph! I realize this means I'm probably lacking some skills in 'Writing 101' which will only be improved with practice. Truthfully though, I don't have time for me to daily spend hours pounding at the keyboard, arranging the words of my heart to make sense to you all. For one thing, my family gets irritated at me. For another thing, I get irritated at myself for ignoring my family for vast blocks of time. (This my friend, is not the servant hood I called to live toward them at this time of my life!)

Let me close before this gets atrociously long. My philosophy on blogging, if I may call it that, can be simply stated. I blog when:

1. I have something to say.
2. I can say it without neglecting my relationships with my family and my God.

To wrap up, I do intend to blog here. Sometimes it may be often; sometimes you may count many moons in between posts. Above all, to Christ be all glory!

Sincerely yours,
Katie Marie